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Q. Are you a QuickBook ProAdvisor?

A. Yes. We have been a part of the ProAdvisor program since its inception 15 years ago.

Q. Do we work with the Quicken?

A. Quicken is not a program built for business, it was built for personal use. We can set up your personal financials in QuickBooks and then handle all your budgeting and reporting from there.

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Q. Do we do Mac?

A. Sort of. The Mac QuickBooks is not user-friendly, not updated or widely used. You can get up-to-date QuickBooks on a Mac by using the PC mode and we do support that.

Q. Sorry, we're not an IT company.

A. If you are having computer or printer problems aside from QuickBooks we can point you in the right direction but we can't fix your printer.

Q. Ask us about taxes.

A. We have already waded through all the Sales Tax and Payroll Tax issues so please call us first and we'll get you set up right.

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